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What Documents Can a Mobile Notary Notarize and How Much Does It Cost?

Ever been in a bind, documents spread out on your desk, with the clock ticking away? In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. This is especially true when it comes to legal matters. When you need a document notarized, using a mobile notary company can save you time and hassle. But what exactly can a mobile notary notarize, and how much does it cost? Let's explore these questions in more detail.

Mobile Notary Services Explained

What is a Mobile Notary? A mobile notary is a notary public who travels to their clients’ homes, businesses, or other locations to notarize documents. This provides a more convenient alternative to traditional notary services, which require the individual to travel to the notary’s office during set business hours.

Mobile notary services are growing in popularity due to their convenience and flexibility. Many mobile notary companies offer 24/7 services, so you can get your documents notarized even outside of traditional business hours.

What Can a Mobile Notary Notarize?

The world of mobile notary services is vast and versatile, stretching from real estate purchases to living wills. A mobile notary can notarize a wide range of documents, including: 

  • Living wills

  • Business contracts​​

  • Real Estate documents

  • Estate planning documents

  • Family law child custody and support

  • Reverse mortgages

However, there are many more services that a notary can provide. It’s important to note that not all documents require notarization, and not all notaries are authorized to notarize all types of documents. Make sure to check with your mobile notary company to ensure that they are authorized to notarize your specific document.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Mobile Notary Services

The cost of mobile notary services can vary depending on several factors. It's important to understand these factors to get an accurate estimate of the cost and to compare pricing among different mobile notary services. 

For example, the type and complexity of the document being notarized can influence the cost. Some documents require more time and effort to notarize than others. A simple vehicle title transfer may be less expensive than a complex legal affidavit or a real estate transaction.

Mobile notaries often charge a travel fee to cover the cost of commuting to your location. The distance between the notary's office and your location, as well as the time required for travel, will affect this fee. If you are located outside the notary's regular service area or in a remote area, the travel fee may be higher.

Additionally, mobile notaries may charge higher rates for services outside of regular business hours or for urgent requests. If you require notarization during evenings, weekends, or holidays, expect the cost to be higher than during normal business hours.

Reach Out to Our Team

In conclusion, mobile notary services provide a convenient alternative to traditional notarization methods. Mobile notaries can notarize a wide range of documents, including reverse mortgages, real estate transfers, living wills, and loan documents. The cost of mobile notary services can vary depending on a variety of factors.

In general, a mobile notary company saves time and stress while keeping things legal. If you're looking for a mobile notary in your area, contact our team for assistance. 


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